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3 en 1

One concert, three groups, a mix of compositions in French and English, and folk covers.
Same instruments, same musicians, multiple facets.

3 in 1: Becky & Cloud (folk) + Revecca (impressionist song) + Julien Destange (dream folk)



A voice, a piano and other sounds from elsewhere,
Poetic texts in French tinted with multiple images,
Inspired by atypical voices (Agnes Obel, Lisa Hannigan, Lisa Gerrard ...), and Celtic sounds,
A few suspended moments, out of time.


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Julien Destange:

Originally from Montpellier, Julien Destange offers folk that is both sweet and visceral, based on loop pedals and other dreamy effects, at the crossroads between Daughter, Julien Baker, Kings of Convenience and Glen Hansard.  



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Finally, the two solo musicians come together to form the inseparable duo Becky & Cloud , covering songs from the international folk scene, playing vocal harmonies and marrying their instruments.

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Available after each concert  :

7 tracks compilation, compositions

Revecca + Julien Destange

1. The Souvenirs House

2. The Marvelous Park
3. Char (t) mes of Humanity

4. Autumn

5. Dreaming About You

6. She's Away

7. As We Laid Down By The River


They have already played the "3 in 1":

• Lattes media library (Hérault)
• Auditorium Michel Pierson (Nancy)

• Café-Concert Le Lapin Blanc (Réding)

• Under the Yurt of Les Voivres (Vosges)

• La Grange à Grange à Georges (Rodemack)
• Café-Concert la Jehanne (Metz)
• Atelier des 3 Bouleaux (Chenois)
• Cabinet of Curiosities Le Cube (Briey)
• Literary Café Le Bovary (Luxembourg)

• The Cellar (Lorry-lès-Metz)

• Le Gueulard (Nilvange)
• Le Local (Strasbourg)

• Le Ratelach (Esh-sur-Alzette)

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