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This section is likely to evolve as the broadcasts will take place.

New features will appear in the future!
To find out the schedule, go to AGENDA .

Additional questions?

TWITCH, what is it  ? is a live video streaming platform  ( streaming ) created in 2011.

Although oriented video games and electronic sport in its infancy, the platform has since opened to all types of broadcasts.  : musicians, graphic designers, painters, dancers, and other Internet users wishing to share their passion live, by interacting directly with their community, and allowing it to support them by various means in their activities.

Thus, we are now present on this platform where you can listen to us from your computer / phone at home, and even interact with us,  while waiting for a next live concert in your region! Is not that great  ?

Watch Becky & Cloud live from your computer / phone:

To access this FREE INTERACTIVE CONCERT, go here or there: .

No registration is required to * watch * the live stream.
However, if you want to write to us in real time and make song requests, registration on the TWITCH site is necessary (fast and free). You can also, if you wish, support us with a few donations (like a hat during a real concert) and thus make us act on your requests as a priority.

Stay informed of our future concerts online by clicking on "  To follow  ". You will then receive an email notification each time we start a broadcast.

Suivre Twitch.PNG

Thank you for what you sent !

How to request a song  from our list for us to interpret  for you ?

1) Go to and choose a title from our directory

2) Go back to the live broadcast, and in the viewers thread, type the following command  :! SR "Title" "Interpreter" ("  SR  "Being the abbreviation of Song Request in English)

3) Your song is added to the queue. All you have to do is wait for your turn  ;)

4) Optional  : You can accompany your request with a donation of a few euros as a priority access line to give priority to your request, and thus support us as during a real concert  ;)

Alternative  :

For the more astute among you, you can also identify yourself with your Twitch account on our directory site ("  Sign in  "At the top right of the latter) and directly click on"  Request  " then  Add to Queue  / Go To Donation Page to make requesting your song easier.

Tip: you can also filter the songs by genre (novelty of the repertoire, compositions, Irish music, French song, ukulele song, etc.)




Genres songlist.jpg

What's the difference between “Follow” and “Subscribe” on Twitch?

"Following" a Twitch channel is free, and allows you to keep that channel as "favorites" and receive a notification when the broadcaster is online. Simply.

"Subscribe" on the other hand is a gesture of financial support (count minimum 3.99 €), renewable or not every month, and giving rise to certain rewards and privileges (no advertising, access to exclusive content, personalized emoticons …). Not necessary to watch and participate in the broadcast;)

(Re) see a past broadcast:

Since the arrival of DMCAs on Twitch (copyright of songs recorded and played live), we have had to repatriate our VODs to our secondary Youtube channel " Becky & Cloud's Hideout ". You will therefore find all our musical sessions, video games and special evenings there - by going to the Playlist tab, all the videos will be sorted - in addition to video montages such as our Best-Of clips or certain celebrations.

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