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- 🌱 Becky & Cloud    -
Based  in Metz (France)
Moves everywhere
Founded in 2016
Genres: Indie Folk
            A hint of Pop
🌱  Becky (Rebecca Noël) :
vocals, piano, concertina, harmonium, U-Bass
    Cloud (Julien Destange) :
vocals, guitars, ukulele, bouzouki

Becky & Cloud is a touching, accomplice and sincere duo , which has evolved over the years. Both multi-instrumentalist singers, through their elaborate arrangements they deliver a subtle folk and rich in emotions , sometimes paying homage to essential duets of the genre (Simon & Garfunkel, The Civil Wars), when they do not simply take us to journey to discover unknown musical nuggets . On stage, their spontaneity and their obvious connivance become communicative, and the public finds themselves included in the experience to share anecdotes, confidences and humoristic traits around the songs and their musical adventures on the roads.

As for the many instruments which surround them, Rebecca Noël (Becky) tames at the same time piano, concertina, bodhrán and harmonium, while Julien Destange (Cloud) plays with strings and sound textures (guitars, ukulele, bouzouki, pedals of effects). Their two complementary voices , keystone of this ensemble, know each other by heart after more than 200 concerts across France, and enchant with their harmonies as intimate as they are powerful.

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