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2021 Retrospective

Despite another complicated year in terms of concerts, it went by very quickly. And although we systematically have this unpleasant feeling that time has passed between our fingers and that "we haven't done anything", it is good to dive back into our archives to find that no, we have been very active for a while. times this year! Hang in there, there are going to be a lot of links and anecdotes!

1) The year in figures:

Let's start with numbers because it often speaks to everyone. Number of 2021 Twitch lives = 154 streams averaging 4.8 hours long. Number of live concerts (only with Becky & Cloud) = 23 concerts. Well, we could say that we spend our life on Twitch where we broadcast every 2.3 days on average! Well then! And check out this: 3902 followers this single year! What a beautiful, totally unexpected progression!

2) Highlights of the New Year 2020 stream:

In 2020, we also ended the year on Twitch with a very funny live and epic moments: video clip link. We wonder what the 2021 New Years Twitch party has in store for us!

3) We celebrated our 2345 followers on Twitch:

Having missed the mark of the 2000 followers on our streaming platform, we celebrated the 2345. It's funnier. 12 hours of live action with a lot of fun once again. Link to the video extract. Obviously on the program we were late, we could not do everything, but we did almost everything! It was even our first “marathon” on Twitch. We held on after so many hours.

4) Release of Season 1 of the musical web-series 18.56:

For lack of concerts with our electro space rock band SF, Captain Aalehx took us on the crazy adventure of the web-series! 6 musical episodes that retrace the life of the crew when they are not playing on stage. This first season introduces the characters a bit and begins to weave a plot. Each episode whose release was spaced 3 weeks apart for the first 5 (the 6th requiring filming outdoors without being blocked by confinements, we had to wait more months) was valued on Twitch. Interview, anecdotes, live music from compositions and rearranged covers 18.56. In short, a lot of work for a nice result in free listening on Youtoube!

We warmly thank the generous people who made possible the filming of this first season. Can't wait for the second!

5) Foster family for cats for ''SOS Moustaches'' and first Minette:

So it has nothing to do with music, but being a cat foster family is like having a dependent child at home and it changes a life. We took advantage of the confinements to get started because the cause was close to our hearts.

Our first protégé was a 12-year-old Minette and unfortunately after too much time in the street and not enough care, she left with generalized cancer. She ended her days with us and she clearly marked our lives. A real love ball and a starlet on Twitch ♥

6) A Pirate Subgoal Stream Reached:

We are often asked the question of the famous pirate stream that we owe you following this "subgoal" reached during the year [Watch the video of 100% reached]. In truth, we do not forget it and we had beautiful plans for this one. The VERY BIG kind that requires preparation. We had already started working hard on it, but it was delayed by the other multiple projects that have been added and which you are reading the list here! We keep the idea warm, because frankly, it would be a shame not to make it happen on a large scale!

7) Champion of the Artogone :

Yanislow, sculptor and initiator of this ambitious project combining role play and artistic performance, invited us for a special Artogone combining musical creation and illustrated creation. Objective: through a well-crafted scenario, our mission was to save our city from an enemy attack thanks to our powers linked to music. Clues were scattered throughout the story told at the start of the live and we had less than 3 hours to create music and a character with specific powers, perhaps able to meet each test. And bingo, our heroine Sifa won the challenge! The opportunity for us to get to know other talented streamers who participated in the event and to offer completely new content: the live composition!

8) Release of 3 musical improvisation videos:

During the 1st lockdown, I had proposed "meditation" streams with musical improvisations typed "world". After several months, three songs were extracted and we were published on Youtube after a little trip to the studio to add some effects impossible to do live. Read the Blog.

9) Special 2-year stream and Twitch Partnership:

The year 2021 will also have been marked by the consecration of the Twitch partnership! So in itself, that doesn't change much, it's just that it looks classier to have the little purple check mark next to our name. To celebrate this event and our two years on the platform, we offered a 14-hour live broadcast with a target of 200 subgoals on the evening that we reached, involving 40 short and long term challenges! 🤯 This is the session where we laughed the most of our life. Must say, we had prepared challenges in this direction ... [A short extract]

VOD is obviously freely available on our secondary Youtube channel, cut and chaptered to find your way around! If you have time to kill, relive this amazing day:

We have not yet completed all of our challenges, but not far! As soon as a new one is made, it will be highlighted in the list.

10) Escape Game Online surprise evening with the Sequestrator:

Aaaaaah, how well we had you on the spot! We made you believe that we were going to invite a famous musical collaborator who would change our career. Sorry for the false joy. Instead, you got to have a totally unique and innovative experience on Twitch! At the Jazz Conservatory a few years ago, we met a talented multi-instrumentalist musician whom I will remain anonymous. The current passed very quickly and we even had the opportunity to play a musical with him at the prestigious Arsenal hall in Metz (just that). Fan of video games and escape games, he developed with other collaborators "The Sequestrator" with the first sessions on Twitch, accessible to all. But for the first time, the team wanted to offer a tailor-made experience to a streamer in order to surprise the latter's community. Becky & Cloud were the beta testers of this experience, with tailored challenges specific to our content. This is how, on July 16, you were able to help us get Thomas out of his prison by solving puzzles related to music and cinema. A concept that our viewers liked a lot and that is likely to develop on Twitch! 😉

11) First Live Concert broadcast on Twitch:

Something promised, due since it was part of the challenges of May 29, we rebroadcast our concert in mid-July at Place Jeanne d'Arc in Metz, on Twitch! It was our very first time and it worked out pretty well. Only at the very end the stream crashed, but our spectators were able to see almost the whole concert in a pleasant sound quality (not as much as when we are at home, but much better than a lot of outdoor lives ^_^).

12) Becky & the Celtic Tramps:

Also in July, Becky did a service to a Celtic group from Lorraine by learning their entire repertoire for a concert, in just 2.5 weeks ... It resulted in some cancellations of Twitch lives, as the work to be done was so dense! [Read Becky's Blog on this with some pretty pictures]. During the concert, Cloud took the opportunity to broadcast this live live on Twitch. A funny extract has been saved!

13) The Celti'Cîmes 2021:

We love our traditional road trip in the Alps to enjoy this lovely Irish music festival for almost a week! The opportunity for us to go green, to learn from musicians specializing in this style, to see friends again, and to experience very good concerts! This year, we will have shared with you two live performances from the weekend concerts which took place on the Place de l'Opinel d'Albiez.

14) August:

Here, we still took advantage of vacation. Two good weeks without music (incredible). But we quickly went on between filming episode 6 of 18.56, meetings with future newlyweds who had to postpone their wedding date because of the Pandemic, several concerts including the incredible in Brussels, Twitch lives and a first meeting for a very special and unforeseen future literary event!

15) Arrival of Mister:

And then, at the beginning of September, as we knew we weren't going to move anytime soon, we welcomed a new cat picked up by the SOS Mustaches Association which I mentioned above with Minette. He's been with us since September 6th and he's made a lot of progress! A little ball of love that begs to be adopted ♥ Learn more about Mister (Photos and Videos through the new blog that I have set up for future adopters)

16) Livestream special FURVENT:

Another UFO party organized on Twitch. A subject that was close to my heart in partnership with the Compagnie ERNO, a theater company in Metz. On the occasion of the broadcast on YouTube of the first stage of work of their new creation "FURVENT - Plongée au cœur de la 34ème Horde", we organized on September 20 an original evening around the work of Alain Damasio, in the presence of the members of the Company live from the La Cour des Grands bookstore, rue Taison in Metz, a completely different setting! It took almost two months of preparation for this live: several interview meetings for my part in order to organize the best possible conduct of the evening, a good technical puzzle for Cloud (required to move the stream PC, my 2 screens and call on Tritok / Alex Haïkine for sound and Philippe Molina for cameras). But the result was there. We had nothing to envy the literary programs of Arte! We would have believed it! What a pleasant experience in the midst of all these books! Better yet, it made people want to buy the book or dive back into it.

"Furvent" will soon give birth to a CD / vinyl with the recording of the music created for the show and the voices of 23 hordiers including Becky & Cloud. A great and ambitious work carried out by the ERNO Company! We will give you some news soon.

We came out of this experience growing up! Enough to see that we had a dream team for this kind of show and that in the future if it were to happen on another subject, we would save time. It was really nice to offer content that has nothing to do with our habits.

17) The come-back of Irish music:

2021 will also have been marked by the deaths of relatives, including Mike, our flautist from Blossom, an Irish music group which celebrated its 15th anniversary this year. It was the end of March, and it really brought our morale down. We wanted to record an EP with our cool arrangements. There was a strong chemistry between us. Damn virus. The group did not survive this loss. At the start of the school year, we took the heavy decision to stop the project, seeing that it would be difficult to move forward without him.

It seemed inconceivable, however, to stop Irish music. And the opportunity to set up a new project presented itself. An ambitious project in which I will no longer be alone to carry out at arm's length. We therefore present to you Sheenay.

18) 18.56 in North of France:

Our Comic-Concert project traveled to the North thanks to a Twitch spectator who spoke about us at the Cultural Center in his town! In September and October, we therefore have to rehearse a lot to present this original show again after several months of forced shutdown ♥

19) Becky & Cloud and guest:

So that happened totally by chance! While Yann Caroff (who plays in Sheenay and with whom I worked for a long time with Patchwork and Congo Square) was canvassing for our duo, an organizer saw our Christmas medley in trio from last year with Orilia at U-Bass and choirs. He insisted on having this formula, and since Yann does not know how to say no and the challenge was too good to refuse it, we did a few rehearsals with him so that he swallowed up 1h30 of repertoire in a few sessions! (It looked like me with the Celtic Tramps haha) Thanks to him we had a few dates at the Luxembourg Christmas markets and we had a great time! A formula that deserves to last over time? Tell us if you liked ^^ [Read the Blog with all the photos!]

20) Our1st Best-Of Clips:

For Christmas this year, we haven't worked on a video in the theme. Not at all had time. On the other hand, we have finally compiled some clips, since the time we wanted to do that! [Read the Blog]

21) Reflections, Training and Futures: The Conclusion!

This year, even if we didn't release a new album with anyone when we wanted to, we still worked a lot. No doubt having the lead in such eclectic projects pushes back the rise of our duo a little, but let's say that we see it as a logical progression of our musical entities, always in search of improvements, of new experiences. Yes, our different groups enrich us as a duo. They encourage us to take an interest in other things and also to present you with varied content.

The Pandemic will have turned our lives upside down, like yours, no doubt. This forced us to reposition ourselves. Cloud and I trained a lot: me more on the administrative side (intermittence - special french kob for musicians, creating its structure, the music professions, advertising on social networks, the laws that frame us as music professionals) and Cloud has self-trained a lot on Twitch (broadcast Streamlabs OBS and OBS Studio, overlays, chat commands) and on Adobe Première Pro (for video editing, Youtube previews).

What motivates us to continue our life as musicians in addition to our jobs as home music teachers, clearly, is YOU. Since the start of this Pandemic, you have kept us afloat, shown that we are not non-essential and that it is worth it to continue on this path when there are many colleagues to change branches. Thanks to you, we even plan to become Show Intermittent in 2022. It finally seems possible. In addition to always offering you more fun content on Twitch. To continue giving music lessons. And even to release new albums, new videos... But I will have the opportunity to come back to these points in a future article.

Thank you for reading me so far [Feel free to add a 💖 in reaction to indicate that yes, you really read everything haha], you are really wonderful! We hope that you too will be able to take stock of your year and motivate yourself to make your dreams come true despite the economic situation.

Do you well and see you soon on the Internet or IRL 😊.


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