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Fool's Garden's "Lemon Tree" (video)

The launch of crowdfunding:

After the success of our very first studio-clip "Rehab", we launched the 2nd crowdfunding which lasted from April 15 to June 27, 2022. Two and a half months to collect €1434.12 covering the additional costs of recording our Amy Winehouse's cover and allowing to have some additional funds for the 3th future video...

At the end of this crowdfunding campaign, a survey was launched and the participants selected the title "Lemon Tree" among three other songs. Thanks to them for helping us decide!

The 45 people who participated received an email with the download link. Thanks again to them for their support and trust. We hope you enjoy this arrangement! Please keep this song a secret until we can talk about it on the day of its release!

Thank you: Orsuprem, Emmaopaline, Yann Bidon, StregonaLeon, Rosy, CoualCahuet, Carachar0th_, Joy_Sticks, JulienRoch, Slamdunkk59, Thalionwenn, Gtel69, ypomoni_16, Capttainchoco, HiraethFern, Danydeladrome, NowImABeliever, JYM34, F5PBG, Claudine Degouy, HerwayD, BiBiLfantOme, Gael047, Astarioth, Nafiros, TheWindlancer, NathStudioPhoto, KageDmuscle2, JimiEdge, Aliquandodo, Pirate_Data, Valérie H., Fofffie, J2PG, Roumroum77, EcureuilPrudent, MamiCitron, Vigali17, pKano, magali_57, MagaliFloAvesqueVernhes, Stefmane, Papi Daniel, Fromi ❤ ! Thank you for allowing us so much creativity!


Recording studio phase with Tritok:

There were several recording sessions timed to the aftermath of concerts in order to reduce travel costs. On July 10 we were recording guitar and vocals. On August 4, make way for the piano and a new instrument that you're not used to seeing here: the trumpet! Cloud dreams of learning to play it more seriously one day, especially since I and his mum were given a very nice one for Christmas... Maybe the day we move to a house far from neighbours! In the meantime, he applies the little knowledge he has and the magic happens after a few tweaks during editing 😁. And then, on October 2, we proceed to edit and mix the title. The following week, we receive different masters.

Not easy to have to work on the length because of the tour which cut our momentum. But there again it was fun to work on the arrangement and to try original things to surprise you, such as adding backing vocals, the gradual appearance of the trumpet. Some have also wondered: but what does this have to do with Pesto?! Basically, none. No, the song never alludes to a cooking recipe. But in the original, there is a break in the glass after one of the verses. Neither one nor two, we (or Alex) thought about this sad incident during a live on Twitch: the terrible fall of Pesto's pot! An excerpt is still visible on our channel. Our first viewers still remember it and it's an allusion that often comes back to us... (we even have a "pot of pesto" emote on our Discord server, that's telling you!)

Filming phase with Aalehx:

For several weeks I searched in vain for a place to be suitable for this new song for filming... We thought first about an empty or uninviting apartment or house. But it wasn't easy to find... Finally, like a sudden click, like an alignment of ideas as 60 kilometers separated us at that moment, Aalehx and I had the same idea: what if we turned to our bassist Aurore? Her country house decor and large rooms could do the trick! So two days after a concert with [18.56] we were at her house and Steph.

For the screenplay, we had several ideas. But the one we have chosen makes sense with the lyrics of the song: boredom, waiting for the other, with obviously a lot of reinterpretation with depression, suicidal thoughts, incommunicability between two people. As for the meaning of Pesto? The loss of a beloved one? Nah, it's just a joke! Note the super light tone of these themes in the editing and the rhythm. This is not a pipe, you are mistaken, appearances are deceiving! In fact, everything is fine (yes? sure?). Besides, if we believe Wikipedia, the author of this song wrote it in 20 minutes while waiting for his girlfriend on a rainy and boring Sunday afternoon. A salty sweet song. Even catchy, we do not know on which foot to dance!

The release of the clip and its promo:

Aaaaaah the teaser frustrated you! That Aalehx is evil. After all, that's what it's for, a teaser. To be short and frustrating. On Monday, October 31 for Halloween, we released the clip! We were live on Twitch with Aalehx for an evening mixing trio music, sharing filming anecdotes, making-of and blooper videos, your very interesting questions and the sequel to the Darq video game. Thank you for playing the game and for exploding the view counter for this Premiere with all these likes and comments on Youtube ♥ [It's not too late to help improve our statistics for this video:]

We will also have the opportunity to promote this clip on BLE Radio on November 10th!

Thank you ! (and glory to the Pesto)

The 3rd pot for the future video is in progress but ends soon! Bring your stone to the building and receive the audio file whatever the amount of your participation, as soon as it leaves the studio + your name/accredited pseudonym in the credits of the video on Youtube + for donations of 5€ and + to have a priority request during one of our live on Twitch: I PARTICIPATE BY SPECIFYING MY EMAIL ADDRESS.

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