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New Collab' video on Youtube: Twitch's Anthem

Over time, we realize how powerful Twitch is a social network where a lot of creators work in order to entertain, to move their community who make them so good 🥰

And then some streamers actually undertake bridges between several of us to carry an even more powerful message. Moz (Nicolas Ortega) is the composer, K1000 the lyricist. And in the image, about twenty streamers from all walks of life that you may recognize. Some unveiled the creation process live on Twitch. And the result is BEAUTIFUL! ❤


It deserves nice comments under the video and lots of shares!

MUSIC : Nicolas Ortega –

LYRICS : K1000 / FC Parolier –

IN ORDER OF APPEARANCE : Moz128 - Kokihiete - Sedeto - LilyKonjo - VincentVinel - MialyMusic - Erendis_NoobGaming - DirtyBarbouZ - BeckyAndCloud - LeTroubadourDesInternets - Gea_Dess - PiLiLooP - Kickban42 - K1000prod - Elpablit - ShreddingIsNotACrime - Franswa_FR - Loinduciel - Mikedrum31 - Tamtamboumboum - FRRAANG - JeremyGuilmot - Thetisia - IAmSeanRed - Meyuuart - Freenexty - JosetteLaChevre

Lyrics translation:

TV got you faded, you turn on your PC

On YouTube you gave too much, you go in search of novelty

Music, Just chatting, Cooking or Gaming, your happiness you will find

You're bored in meetings, come to lurk on my stream and my bot will welcome you

Welcome to you, yes welcome to my place, in this space of freedom

Here there is only one law, be nice to me or watch out for the mods

Covid has arrived and many streamers are born, they hope for success

We are still waiting for the fiber (fiberoptic internet) and especially the raid of Mr. Chibre

Whether you follow Domi, Zera, Skyyart or Gota, there are always streamers you don't know

Yes you too, one day, you will break through and your hot tub will empty itself

Welcome to you, yes welcome to my place, in this space of freedom

Here there is only one law, be nice to me or watch out for the mods

Suit or boxers jogging or tuxedo, that's the magic of live streaming

No need to have a wash, here no one will judge you if your feet stink

If you've never set foot in a chat, Heyguys is made for that

And for the second degree it is the KAPPA

Notikethis when your streamer says crazy Kreygasm to tell him that you came

Well not really it's an image, I hope you understood

Welcome to you who drop your T3, thanks to you the hype train will start

Yes you, VIP, you will not need cash, with channel points, it will be fine

You are welcome on Twitch ! ♫

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